About us

Who We Are ?

Jobswish carries the distinction of being promoted and managed by practicing specialists who bring a combined experience  in the field of customer service management and business management. The promoters leverage extensive knowledge on call centers, backend operations, relationship marketing, response management, fulfillment and loyalty programs.

At Jobswish we understand how technology can help global businesses meet their needs. Our business practices comprise of multiple processes and methodologies to entail maximum benefits out of our projects and do a smooth conversion management and run subsequent operations effectively for our customers. We are focused on providing our services to Fortun 500 corporations amongst others. We have a unique toolkit, which revolves around building dedicated customer service centers for Fortun 500 customers, facilitating flawless integration with our partners.

Throughout its history, Fortun Talent Consultancy has successfully met all its challenges. From those early days of our inception, certain bedrock principles or core values have carried on to today

Why Choose Us ?

about us

We offers many services that can help you to accomplish your goals quickly and efficiently. By outsourcing, corporations get immediate results through reduced costs in office space, energy resources, technology, hardware, human resources and much more. With Telebridge Communications, Clients can rest assure that they are getting premium services. Our focus remains on delivering quality and professionalism to our clients and their customers.

We Provide:

  • - Wide range of services
  • - Significant reduction in costs
  • - High reliability
  • - Speedy project implementation
  • - High degree of confidentiality
  • - Constant working resource availability
  • - Online Progress report to the Customer
  • - Always open to the changing requirements of the Customer
  • - Continuous supports even after the completion of the project


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